Dr Ivan Apatini and my grandmother Rose had five Sons.

His first son was Gyula, my Father with first wife Maria my Mother. Me and my wife Eva and our daughter Lisa, my sister Andrea and husband Jim, with their son James and daughter Michelle my nephew and niece and Gyula’s second wife Judy loved and miss Gyula and Maria very much.

Then there was uncle Pityu who died from Polio at a very young age. Then there was uncle Ivan, uncle Paul and last but not least my uncle Peter who resides in Hungary with his present wife Kati and their immediate family.

Their contributions to family, friends, neighbors and strangers were very significant as you see and will be able to read about in future posts.

My Grand Father Dr. Ivan in his late 60’s re-married and had a second family Apatini all residing in Hungary. He and his much younger wife at that time had my uncle Gabor Apatini who we reached out to in order to get some information about his side of our family.

Also the story of how the Apatini name came about is yet to come!

Please Stay Tunned:

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