Jules Apatini’s Web Design Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio, showcasing a collection of websites I’ve designed for various projects and clients. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of each website, demonstrating my versatility and expertise in web design.


  • Webcasting Weekly: A website for webcasting and video production services.
  • 20th Century’s Best: A tribute website celebrating the greatest achievements of the 20th century.
  • (Apatini.com) My personal website, featuring my biography, inventions, and projects.
  • Aerobic Ping Pong: A website promoting my patented invention, the Progressive Weighted Aerobic Ping Pong Exercise Racquet.
  • Bruce Wayne Music: A website for Bruce Wayne’s music and artistic endeavors.
  • Cell Phone Videographer (currently offline): A website for mobile video production services.
  • George Braithwaite: A personal website for George Braithwaite’s projects and interests.
  • Hanna Csata: A website for Hanna Csata’s artistic and design work.
  • Hungarian Radio: A website for Hungarian radio broadcasting and music.
  • Lisa Apatini: A personal website for Lisa Apatini’s projects and interests.
  • Mini Ping Pong: A website for table tennis enthusiasts and players.
  • Mood Video Productions: A website for video production services.
  • Nora Kovacs: A website for Nora Kovacs’ artistic and design work.
  • Ping Pong Dance Exercise: A website promoting my patented invention, the Ping Pong Dance Exercise program.
  • Sponsors of Hungarian Radio: A website for sponsors and partners of Hungarian Radio.
  • Table Tennis Videographer: A website for table tennis video production services.
  • Judy Art Gallery: A website for Judy’s art gallery and exhibitions.
  • Workout Everyone: A website promoting fitness and exercise programs.

About Me

I’m Jules Apatini, a web designer with expertise in creating websites for a diverse range of clients and projects. This portfolio showcases my ability to design websites for personal and commercial purposes. I’m always eager to take on new challenges and deliver exceptional web design solutions. Contact me today to discuss your web design needs!